Fox vs. Marvel

10/17/2012 18:32


Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the second entry on my blog here. This one is more of an opinionated piece, rather than an informative piece like my last. The topic that I would like to address is the Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Fox has the exclusive studio rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises that they would like to begin combining, much like Marvel Studios has done with the Avengers and all characters within that universe. However, there is a small flaw within this plan. They have limited directions that they can take their universe. With the Avengers movies they can not only make a single universe that includes all of them, but they can also go into depth on each individual character. The Fox universe can not do this because, the two properties that they have rights to are groups which don’t have any individual adventures. The only instance of this, is the Wolverine storyline that Fox has exploited to make a series on films in which they follow just the Wolverine. Now they would like to combine the storylines that have been started with the X-Men and with the Fantastic Four movies that they plan to begin filming. Now, I know that Fox already has 2 Fantastic Four movies out, but they would like to reboot them so that they can easily make the connections between them and the X-Men that won’t be confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I love comic book movies just as much as the next geeky fan boy, but I just don’t think that Fox will benefit from this like they hope to. Plus there is the fact that fans have expectations that if are not met, will severely hinder the studio’s future box office results. Now I am aware that this is entirely opinion, but this is all based on facts and information that I have obtained from very reliable sources within the Marvel and film industry. 
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